Hoping to develop the script collaboratively. Here is a possible scenario.

Steve Thompson 10/01/2012

Show the closing sequence from Tommy and Barry go Back:

Pilot Franz: Ok everybody, take your seats please. And we fly this thing home.

Opening scene - dawn - zeppelin is in the clouds over the sea.

Pilot Franz: Good morning everyone. Now I need some directions before I can set course for home. Where is your home?

Everyone: talking at once - a jumble of place names

Pilot Franz: Quiet please, I had no idea you were from so many places. How can I take you all home. Who's home is nearest.

Sergeant Bluster: Me and Fatty Smith here are from Skinningrove and we left there only a few hours ago.

Fatty Smith: But Sir - we're a long long way from home, we're from 1944

Geordie Valhalla: (Geordie dialiect with subtitles) And ah's freum 1305

Everyone: muttering - alarmed and concerned.

Larry Leather: Everybody, I know a place. A place that is timeless and a home for misfits such as ourselves. The Republic of Uzhupis.

Everyone: THE REPUBLIC !

Pilot Franz: Ok everybody, take your seats please. We're going home to the Republic of Angels !

Everyone: HURRAY !!!!

Ideas for further development:
Franz Maybe make Uzuphis a symbol for "connections of the misfits"? Some Village Stories referenced?