A young visitor to the Secret Museum in Vienna

Visitor: Good day I have come to visit your fine museum.
Robert: but this is a secret museum how did you find us?
Visitor: Oh it has taken me many years and it was difficult but there were signs to follow if you know where to look.
Ruth: Well you are in luck today as we are open
Visitor: Wonderful, may we take a look around?
Robert: Of course follow me we will give you a personal tour


Ruth - here we have the worlds first silent gramaphone
Visitor - Looks quizical
Robert and here is the worlds only invisibility machine.
Vistor: but there's nothing there
Robert: Exactly

Ruth: And here is the world famous daytime torch
Visitor: Does it work at night time too?
Robert: No only during the daytime
Visitor - Quizical look
Visitor: Well these are fine things you have here but the real purpose of my visit to your secret museum is I heard a retired Zeppelin Pilot who volunteers here at the mesum

Ruth: Ahah that would be Herr Pilot Franz but he has now also retired from the museum
Visitor (sad) oh no.
Robert: However, in honour of his years of service he has been given a retirement apartment in the upper floor of the museum
Ruth: He gets so few visitors these days but he loves to tell stories of the old days, would you like to visit.
Visitor: Oh yes please, I hear he had a great adventure back in the day