A comfortable and cosy apartment with a log fire burning. The old Pilot Franz sits in a comfortable chair surrounded by books
Ruth: Good Morning Herr Franz, you have a visitor.
Visitor: Good Morning sir, I have travelled far to hear your story.
Pilot Franz: Come in young man, I don't get many visitors. I suppose you want to hear about my great adventure.
Visitor: Oh yes please.
Pilot Franz: Well many years ago I was a Zeppelin Pilot. I fell foul of the High Command because I was very unhappy to fly over Northern England frightening little children. (cut to Zeppelin scene behind this dialogue)
Pilot Franz (continues) The put me on "special duties" and I became a mere chauffer to a highly strung acting troupe, The Straad Players. Furthermore they gave a craft that was somewhat experimental with some, shall we say, surprising features.
"The film makers collected a lot of strange people in their last story, they ran out of time and budget and so someone was needed to provide a happy ending, you know?"

" So yeah, happy end, they summoned me, Zeppelin Pilot Franz Flieger, and you know that I was a person of authority ..... It looked so simple ... "

cut: "everybody take their seat and we will fly this thing home"
Franz voice from off
"But you wanna know how happy endings lead into newbegiinings ?- just watch this"
Then an insert comes:
"The characters in this movie are not only purelyfictional, they also change their nature accordingto our mood and fun. Have fun, too!"
Pilot Franz again:
"What happens if you fly a cast of charactersgathered through community history, crimehuntand time travel.?.. they begin to quarrel over thesimplest thing..."

and off the story goes, title and song.....