A new beginning has been suggested (story here) and we've build the set (See Below)


Voice Parts

Franz - done
Secret Museum Curator 1 - Done
Secret Museum Curator 2 - Done
Intrepid Explorer - Done

Sets and Locations

Retirement Apartment built - needs props
Need winding staircase (up to retirement apartment)

Need place to represent streets in Vienna (intrepid explorer)
  • Have found this - 1920's Berlin - have permission off Jo Yadley - need to speak to other resident
Set for Secret Museum Exhibits (possibly Library in Cedar Island)


Need a Map and a script for intrepid explorer
Exhibits in Secret Museum 1) Silent Gramaphone, 2) Daylight Torch 3) Invisibility Machine (nothing needed !!!)

For Apartment: Bookcase (s), loose books, side table, teapot, cups


  1. Streets of Vienna, Traffic noise + Ambient FX
  2. Intrepid explorer looking at map/book
  3. Intrepid explorer walks through streets
  4. Intrepid explorer knocks on door
  5. a number of shots with Museum Custodians and Exhibits
  6. Climbing circular staircase
  7. Discussion with Franz, various cutaways during conversation
  8. From Franz's last words - zoom from his face to picture of young Franz - fade to colour shot of same and final scene of last film - "Take your Seats Please"