A new character - Scoop McGhill, Cub Reporter

Steve Thompson 12/01/12

This idea came up in conversation yesterday. The airship is underway and people drift off to amuse themselves. Tommy comes rushing back and announces.......

TOMMY: Hey, I heard a noise back there.

FRANZ: Aha, perhaps we have a stowaway, show me the way please and we will investigate.

TOMMY: OK - it was at the back of the ship.

They all troupe out.

Set - Crates and cases and stuff - a cargo hold

TOMMY: - (afraid) it was back there

FRANZ: Hello, hello. Whoever is there come out at once, this is the captain.

FATTY SMITH: Draws and cocks rifle.

SCOOP: Don't shoot mister, it's only me.

FRANZ: Well come out at once and show yourself.

SCOOP (emerges) It's only me, SCOOP McGhill, Cub reporter, Coastal View.

TOMMY: It's just a lad, what are you doing here son.

SCOOP: (distraught) well I only wanted to get some interviews with the cast but the air ship took off and I was trapped.

GEORDIE VALHALLA: A stowaway, sling him off now

SCOOP: Oh no, no - please.

BARRY: Well perhaps you could make yourself useful. A cub reporter you say hmmmmm.

LARRY LEATHER: We are on an Adventure, you could send reports back to the paper.

SCOOP: but how will I get my reports back from up here?

TOMMY: (Faltering) well, er, hmm, I .......

BARRY: (Stern) Spit it out Tommy what's on your mind.

TOMMY (shamefaced) well, it's the reason I came back to the ships hold really. I stowed my pigeons aboard. I just couldn't bear to be parted from them any longer.

SCOOP: (Excited) Hey Mister, are they HOMING pigeons.

TOMMY: (Proud) The very best sonny !

SCOOP: (Excited) Well that's how we could get my reports back to Coastal View. (Proud) Hey, everyone, you just got yourself a reporter.


NOTE Scoop - Has been cast. Straadjnr Alberti. No picture yet as he's gone to the costume dept to be kitted out for his boy scout uniform.