An opportunity has arisen to record voice parts in Finland. So we can look at a stop off for the Zeppelin in Finland. Maybe: Zeppelin struck by storm and forced to emergency land in Finland. You can see this section of the script here and beyond. That page can not be edited but if you have a password you can edit this and other pages and also create new pages

Possible scenario(s)
some thoughts from VESA
If the story would be placed around 1906 or 1909, The Finland would still be under Russian rule as Grand Duchy - and probably in the midts of of the Repression periods when the Russians tried to russianize Finland (the second period was 1908-1917 and ended with the October Revolution). ANd Finland has its share of Ochrana agents in its cities (including in Tampere that was important industrial place at the time). Pro-independence movement was also becoming popular and Finns had begun to either adopt Finnish language surnames or translate their originally Swedish ones to Finnish.

So, if a Zeppelin - with first models from the 1890s thought not in widespread use yet - end ups trying to use a Pispala Shot Tower as a pylon to attach itself into, Ochrana is sure to take interest. Especially if the pilot sounds like he's German. Other people likely to understand the significance of appearance of this big cigar would be some of the engineers (in the modern sense of the word) working for some of the local industries, including those maintaining FInlayson factories - and if there is anyone who would be able to understand either English or German in inland Finland, it is likely to be a engineer who could have even studied in either one of these countries. Pispala would also have many residents working in those factories.

Tampere has its share of Russian soldiers stationed so they could get involved in any affair, probably trying to arrest the strange foreigners. Some of the local Finns could be even willing to help these strangers flee the Russians.
1906 events include large-scale meeting of tenant farmers in Tampere, first issue of Ilkka newspaper, clasheh between predecessors of White and Red after the Viapori rebellion in Russia. 1909 sees the first elections in Finland and continuing Russification attempts,

===================MARKUS NOTES
we have one of the first planes / glidersFinland invented toilet paper! Well a place called Mäntää -first GSM phone call in TampereThe walking Timberjack harvester:

We have the oldest public sauna. Its possible that you need to cool the machine down - so come to Finland in the cold winter?

There was a massive storm that blew down huge numbers of trees in Sweden called Erwin or Gudrun

means that we can play some Wagner -.the Walkürenritt

by Lenin

He liked children and cats and his enthusiasms included bicycling, amateur photography, chess, skating, swimming, hunting, music and hiking.[129[[|]]] When in exile in Switzerland, Lenin, accompanied by his wife Krupskaya, developed a considerable passion for mountain walking in the Swiss peaks.[130[[|]]] Lenin's personal life is documented in detail in his wife's book Memories of Lenin.

=====================Yannes notes:

buster and smit enter Rajanportin sauna and go to the womens side ..and they are pushed out by an angry charicter " voi vittu, This is a modern sauna, men and women are in separate sections.

sub titles " why are we speaking english when we are russians"

sauna assosiation could help in preparing a sound clip. of sounds in sauna and people speaking outside sauna.

maybe buy a lenin avatar.

lenin has a conection to the workers to get the

Girl: Where is the captain ?

Smith "The captin wnet totampere to get fabric"

Girl: "You never get anything from Tampere, you have to come to pispala."