Over 3 Days in April 2012 we met and workshopped at Hirvikatu and Pispala Library. Here is the original presentation of the project shown at the outset.


We developed the script for the FINNISH ADVENTURE which you can find here and we made some quick recordings of rough run-throughs, it was very funny. You can here these below.

Fauna by STMedia

Lennon by STMedia

Finishpub by STMedia


  1. Arrange another script conference (online)
  2. Design Lenin and Stalin AV's - accounts created straadstalin and straadlenin - picture lenin-stalin.jpg
  3. Check existing accounts for suitable AV's for NOTBECK, HARRI, SECRETARY - possible AV's listed here. The Straad Players ยป The Players.pdf
  4. Take pictures of Finnish shop names for Sauna Scene
  5. Picture of Sauna Building
  6. Build Sauna Building
  7. Set for sauna internal
  8. Record ambient sounds of Sauna internal
  9. Record sound of Ochrana street chase with running footsteps, muffled shouts and gun shots
  10. Build Finlayson Arch (Below)