We're in the pre-production stage a new Machinima production. At the end of the last production which you can see here the entire cast fly off in a Zeppelin - see below. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments by clicking on the DISCUSSION tab on any page. (non members of this wikispace can do this) - If you are a member of this Wiki you can edit any page except the home page or the master script page.

The pilot is played by Franz Nahrada or Austria, there are miners present from Finland, there is a Tannery worker from Lithuania. Others present include Tommy and Barry from Skinningrove, Inspector Charlie Bell of Cleveland Police and a host of other characters played by local people.

The idea now is to produce a film that tells the story after they fly off into the sunset.

If you are interested in geting involved in this production either in pre-production development or filming please email s.d.thompson@tees.ac.uk

Production Office